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What is Cold Pressed Oil

Before we get into what exactly is cold press, we first need to understand what is refined oils and the problems associated with refined oils.  Oils as known to mankind was never meant to be extracted using the refined oil methodology.  It was supposed to be just natural extraction.  Back in the day, wood press (ghani) was the norm for the same.  Then Refined oils came in and completely took over the market.  The column on the left details out the process for refining oil and on the right is how cold press oils are made. 


Oil seeds (groundnuts, sesame, coconut, sunflower seeds, etc) are crushed and then heated in a steam bath – 110 to 2000 Celsius.

The mixture of oil and seed pulp is then chemically processed with a hexane solvent to extract any residual oil from the pulp. (Hexane is produced by refining crude petroleum oil).

This resulting mixture is then put through a centrifuge and phosphate is used to separate the oil from the seed residues

Water degumming: Here water is added. This reaction with water results in hydrated phosphatides, which can be separated by decantation or by centrifuges.

Neutralization: The resulting product from the above steps contains fatty acids, phospholipids, pigments, waxes, etc. These impurities are removed by using caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) or soda ash (sodium carbonate). The refined oil is lighter in color, less viscous and easily prone to oxidation

Bleaching: This is done to remove off coloured materials. Bleaching agents are used in this process

Deodorization: Pressurized steam at very high temperatures (500F) is used to remove volatile compounds which cause off odours and taste in the final product.


Oil seeds are cleaned and dried to remove any moisture in it

The seeds are then crushed using a slow grinding machine with a Pestle and Mortar. (Just like pressing juice from a fruit)

The oil extracted is then filtered to separate the oil from the seed pulp

At the end of the refining process what is left is oil without any nutrition and with residual chemicals.  The Cold pressed oils on the other hand retains all their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking and skin care requirements.  Also what makes Vegebaby cold press oils unique is the following

1. It is machine cold press – meaning these are high grade European crushers which are temperature controlled which stops crushing beyond a certain limit of heat.

2. Secondly since the crushing is automated there is minimal human intervention thus maintaining highest hygiene levels.    

3. Thirdly in order to provide the highest nutrition Vegebaby only uses oils that come out of the first press maintaining extra virgin quality. 

4. Further to maintain its nutritional value, all oils are naturally filtered for residue without adding any carrier oils, preservatives and or chemicals.  100% natural product guaranteed.  

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Just Perfect... the oil is from black sesame... so color is a bit darker shade... but all good... We tried for cooking & Indian pickles, it was good. You would definitely reorder as its good for health... 1L gets out of stock during 1st week of every month. Hope amazon maintains the stock.
Nita, Uttar Pradesh

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Cold pressed sesame oil. Smells amazing and good colour. Excellent flavour on cooking. Only negative is the cost
ramya Arun

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